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ملتي كه تاريخ خود را نشناسد ؛ ناچار است آنرا تكرار كند .

مردم بخوبي دريافته اند كه ” برابري اسلامي ” و ” جامعهْ بي طبقهْ توحيدي ” تنها يك ” افسانهْ سياسي ” است تا شكلي از ” حكومت واقعي ”!!!
” دين ” مهم ترين و بهترين وسيله براي ” انقياد ” يعني ( خوار و رام شدن - گردن نهادن - ’مطيع شدن - فرمانبردار شدن )
و” اسارت روحي” توده ها ميباشد.

Wednesday October 30, 2002
Background and beliefs:
The name is derived from the Greek form of "Zarathushtra" - the man who founded the religion between 6,000 and 12,000 BC in north-east Iran. The Avesta scriptures describe the will of Ahura Mazda (Lord of Wisdom), the all-powerful and eternally perfect creator. Ahura Mazda also grants each human Vohu Manah - a clear, rational mind with which to dispel ignorance and blind faith. Followers should use their wisdom, intellect and will to identify evil, the work of the destructive spirit Mainyu. Zoroastrians are urged to live life to the full and to enjoy creation. Fasting and celibacy are derided as weakening humans in their struggle against evil.
Followers are characterised by regular prayer and the wearing of the Sudreh (sacred white shirt)
and Kushti (sacred cord worn around the waist).
There are between 5,000 and 10,000 people in the UK Zoroastrian community, mainly in the London area,
but also in the north-west of England.
Important dates:
March 21: Jamshedi Noruz - New Year's Day, according to the Fasli calendar of Iran.
May 29: Zartusht-no-diso - commemorating the death of the prophet Zarathushtra.
August 22: No Ruz - New Year's Day on the Shenshai calendar.
August 27: Khordad Sal - commemorating the birthday of Zarathushtra.
World Zoroastrian Organisation
... و شهرفرنگي ميگه: ” صبح معلوم ميشه ’كت تن كيه” ؟؟؟

اگر دوست داريد “ شناخت علمي و تحقيقي از تاريخ ايران قبل و بعد از اسلام داشته باشيد“
((( ايران آرا ))) را بخوانيد.
اگر ميخواهيد از تيتر اخبار ؛ تحليل ها و نوشته هاي ويژه در پيوند با ” ايران “ آگاه شويد به شبكهْ
((( خبرچين ))) سري بزنيد.
هميشك باشيد.


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