Sunday, November 23, 2008

Carter, Khomeini revolution!

Jimmy Carter, Father of the Islamic Revolution!?
By: Michael D. Evans
Let the world know the truth.

look at the results of Carter's Islamic Revolution in Iran!

IRAN 1979,Carter, Khomeini revolution!

The result was magnificent!!!

8 years of needless war with over one million dead and many million injured for life. Cities and live destroyed as a result of the 8 year war but never rebuilt. 7 million refugees scattered around the world. Hundreds of thousands of executions, political assassinations, imprisonment, torture, Islamic approved rape of women before executions, amputation of limbs, eye extraction, stoning to death, public flogging hanging on cranes. The rise of the Islam fascism, Anti-Americanism, Hezbollah of Lebanon, suicide bombing, hostage taking, beheadings of the Americans, September the 11th,2001. And now the prospect of crazy Mullahs with an atomic bomb at their disposal. In one word the total destruction of Iranian nation as suggested by Professor Bernard Lewis of Britain.
Another Iran hater, an academic hooligan and a war criminal.
The British born Middle East scholar Professor Bernard Lewis.
And ...

The Jerusalem Post[+]
By: Michael D. Evans

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