Saturday, May 09, 2009

دسيسـه جـزيـره اهـريمنـی

Jimmy Carter & Anglo American conspiracy Iran 1979

دسيسـه جـزيـره اهـريمنـی

GENERAL ROBERT E. HUYSER - 4.Jan.1979 Mission in Tehran,
The coup against the Shah, was run by British and American intelligence!
The Bilderberg committee of 1974, and the British intelligence agencies Commissioned Professor Bernard Lewis to come up with a plan as how to Put a halt on Iran's rapid progress under the Shah. Bernard Lewis was moved From Cambridge to Princeton University. His recommendation was the Islamic Revolution and the destruction of the Iranian nation.

James Callaghan of Britain and George Ball are both dead
But not until Bernard Laws, Jimmy Carter, William Sullivan,
Ramsey Clark, General Robert. E. Huyser, Cyrus Vance and
Zbignew Brizinsky are tried as war criminals and mass killers
The world will not be safe from repeat of the same.

Let the world learn about the secrets of Anglo American Jimmy Carter/Khomeini Islamic revolution.
Please pass it on.
Let the world know the truth



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