Saturday, March 01, 2003

خوش آمديد »»» گوش كن
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« حلاج »هاي ديگري را بر « دار » مي برند !
با اين همه غم در خانهْ دل
اندكي شادي بايد
كه گاه “ نوروز “ است ...
بهار در راهست
و “ نوروز “ بهمراه او مي آيد
شاد و اميدوار و زنده بايد بود ...
Norooz, Persian New Year
Year of 2562 (1382)


According to tradition ; this festival was founded by the legendry King Jamshid . As long ago as the Achaemenian period;
The New Year was already a time of regoicing.
The Sassanid Kings organized great processions on this occasion ; but gradually under the influence of poets;
writers; and astrologers - the first day of the year became a great popular festival.
It was celebrated at the time when it became warmer and the first flowers appeared through the snow.
Soon ; however ; the astrologers fixed a definite date for the Now - Ruz ;
March 20 to 21st to 22nd according to the year . Despite the Arab invasion ; the Now - Ruz has survived.
It was celebrated with the greatest brilliance at Esfahan under the Safavids.
the whole town joined in and it was transformed into a vast sale in which all kinds of goods were bargained
off amidst general rejoicing.
Shah Abbas the great would mix with his people and walk incognito through the streets of the town.
Today Now-Ruz is still the great family fesival for all Iranians.
There is a tradition that on New year's Day every family should have the seven symbolic elements on the table;
The " Haft Sin " or seven " S's ".
-1- Sabzi ; greenery ( mostly wheat or lentils ) ;-2- Sib ; an apple ; -3- Serkeh ; vinegar ( the symbol of fermentation ) ;
-4- Sir ; garlic ( to chase away the evil spirits ) ; -5- Sekeh ; a gold or silver piece ( symbol of wealth ) ;
-6- Somagh or Somaq a spice often used in the chilo kabob; ( symbol of the " good life " ) ;
-7- Samanu ; a sweet meat resemblihng halva .
To these " Haft Sin " are added the book ; painted eggs ; flour and gold fish in a bowl.

by : P. Wagert
" Nagel Encyclopedia Guide : IRAN " ( Geneva; 1971 )

امپراتوري فساد اسلامي حاكم بر ايران بدون سركوب ؛ زندان ؛ شكنجه ؛ اعدام و تيرباران ؛ سنگسار و قطع دست و پا ...
قادر نيست حتا يكروز به حيات حاكميت ننگين و خونبار خود ادامه دهد !

!!!در سايهْ نظم نايب حق /// ما زنده ذليلان زمينيم و زمانيم

... و شهرفرنگي ميگه: ” صبح معلوم ميشه ’كت تن كيه” ؟؟؟

اسلام و ناگفته هاي ممنوع ! ---» ((( ايران آرا ))) .
تيتر اخبار ؛ تحليل ها و نوشته هاي ويژه در پيوند با ” ايران “ ---» ((( خبرچين ))) .
هميشك باشيد


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